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“THE MYSTERY CLUB” reading serie

4 new titles:

Marie Curies’s Secret Diaries

Warsaw. The auction of Marie Curie’s Secret Diaries turns into an investigative challenge: the nephew of the Polish scientist has decided to donate the pages to those who will be able to solve his riddles. Arthur and Agatha, eager to make a gift to Grandpa bookseller, finally have the opportunity to show off their capacities as a Detective.

The Return of the Mummy

Cairo. A papyrus is stolen from one the most important museums in the city. The first clues are shocking: they make people think it was a mummy! Arthur and Agatha's grandfather is invited to interpret some hieroglyphs, but the truth will be discovered by the two young detectives.

Dracula’s Secret Room

Transylvania. A boy disappears into thin air and the walls of Dracula's Castle start to move, terrorizing both the tourists and the locals. With the help of his grandfather, Arthur and Agatha discover in an ancient book that similar events had already happened in the past and, taken from curiosity, they fly to Romania to solve the case.

Russian Treasure Hunt

Moscow. A Fabergé egg that had never been opened is being hatched in world Live. The spectators are in shock: inside, instead of the surprise, there is a clue. Arthur and Agatha do not miss the opportunity and fly to Russia to test themselves as detectives, on a journey that from the capital will take them to the beautiful St. Petersburg.

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